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221ConferenceMolecular dynamics analysis of anti-copper-corrosion additives in solutionAsiatrib-2018, pp. 21-22K. Nishikawa, H. Akiyama, K. Yagishita, H. Washizu
222ConferenceTribocorrosion: A novel design and approachAsiatrib-2018, pp. 103-104K. Pondicherry, J. Vancoillie, J. De Pauw, J. Sukumaran, P. De Baets
223ConferenceEffect of humidity on limiting friction: An experimental investigationMITC2015-pp 111-112K. S. Pondicherry, F. Wolf, G. Krenn
224ConferenceInfluences of counterface materials on the wear characteristic of concentrated polymer brushAsiatrib-2018, pp. 165-166K. Sato, H. Okubo, K. Nakano, Y. Tsujii, S. Sasaki
225ConferenceRunning-in behavior of wet multi-plate clutches – investigation and characterization Asiatrib-2018, pp. 19-20K. Voelkel, H. Pflaum, K. Stahl
226ConferencePreparation and characterization of TIG-alloyed hybrid composite coatings for high temperature solid lubricationMITC2015-pp 265-267K.A. Bello, M.A. Maleque, Z. Ahmad, A.A. Adebisi, S. Mirdha
227ConferenceFRACTOGRAPHY ANALYSIS OF Al6061 UNDER FATIGUE SPECTRUM LOADINGSRTC 019K.A. Zakaria, S. Abdullah, M.J. Ghazali, Z.M. Nopiah
228ConferenceThe effect of molybdenum carbide (Mo2C) particles on wear properties of diamond-like carbon under boundary lubricationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 348-349K.A.M. Kassim, T. Tokoroyama, M. Murashima, N. Umehara
229ConferenceTribological behavior of Si-doped DLC coated layer on UIC60 steelAsiatrib-2018, pp. 438-439K.H. Chau, T.G. Kim, J.H. Kim, W.Y.H. Liew, S.S. Kim
230ConferenceThe effects of surface texturing in hydraulic components to improve tribological propertiesAsiatrib-2018, pp. 98-99K.I. Kim, Y.G. Seo, D.P. Lim, D.S. Shim
231ConferenceEffects of adsorbed water due to atmospheric humidity on ball-on-ball sliding contactAsiatrib-2018, pp. 169-170K.K. Yap, K. Fukuda, Z.A. Subhi
233ConferenceEffect of dimensional tolerances on the performance of hybrid bearingMITC2015-pp 40-41K.P. Lijesh, H. Hirani
234ConferenceWear characteristics of thixoformed hypoeutectic Al-Si-Cu alloy with Mg additionMITC2015-pp 94-95K.S. Alhawari, M.Z.Omar, M.J. Ghazali, M.S. Salleh, M.N. Mohammed
235ConferenceExtended Stribeck curves for bio-tribological applicationsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 157-158K.S. Pondicherry, F. Rummel, C. Reppich, D. Ehgartner
236ArticlePotential of palm kernel activated carbon epoxy (PKAC-E) composite as solid lubricant: Effect of load on friction and wear propertiesJurnal TribologiK.W. Chua, M.F.B. Abdollah, N.A. Mat Tahir, H. Amiruddin
237ArticleEffect of CVD-diamond coatings on the tribological performance of cemented tungsten carbide substratesJurnal TribologiKaleem Ahmad Najar, Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, Sajad Din, Mohammad Ashraf Shah
238ArticleSurface roughness of hypereutectic Al-Si A390 in high speed millingJurnal TribologiKamal Othman, Jaharah A. Ghani, Mohd Shahfizal Ruslan, Mohd Shahir Kassim
239ArticleStudy on tool wear and wear mechanisms of end milling Nickel-based alloyJurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 82-92Kamaruddin Kamdani , Sulaiman Hasan, Ahmad Farid Irfan Ahmad Ashaary, Mohd Amri Lajis, Erween Abd Rahim
240ConferencePin-on-disk tribo-tester with spatiotemporal mapping analysisMytribos Symposium 2 (2017) pp.51-53Kanao Fukuda