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241Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics and green energyFKM, UTMDr. Md Mizanur Rahman
242Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics and internal combustion engineFKM, UTMDr. Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff
243Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics and micro channelFKM, UTMDr. Natrah Kamaruzaman
244Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics, heat transfer and combustionFKM, UTMDr. Aminuddin Saat
245Expert PersonalExpert in tribology and coatingFKM, UTEMMohd Rody Bin Mohamad Zin
246Expert PersonalExpert in tribology of eco-material & surface engineeringFKM, UTEMMohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah
247Expert PersonalExpert in tribology of material & coatingFKM, UTEMNor Azmmi Bin Masripan
248ConferenceExtended Stribeck curves for bio-tribological applicationsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 157-158K.S. Pondicherry, F. Rummel, C. Reppich, D. Ehgartner
249ConferenceFabrication and wear characterization of dimple textured on the surface of UHMWPEAsiatrib-2018, pp. 482-483M.Y. Tan, S. Liza, N.W. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki
250ConferenceFeasibility of Bio-based Lubricant as an Engine Oil with Graphene as an AdditiveMytribos Symposium 2 (2017) pp.1-2N.W.M. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki, M.H. Harith
251ConferenceFeasibility of Bio-based Lubricant as an Engine Oil with Graphene as an AdditiveMytribos Symposium N.W.M. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki, M.H. Harith
252ConferenceFeasibility study for predicting maintenance of a five-punch nut manufacturing machine Asiatrib-2018, pp. 25-26X. Novelo, H.Y. Chu
253ConferenceFEM analysis in identifying the turning parameters for dimple structure fabricationMITC2015-pp 232-233Mohd Nor Azam Mohd Dali, Jaharah A.Ghani, Che Hassan Che Haron
254ConferenceFERROGRAPHIC TECHNIQUE: ANALYSIS OF MANUAL TRANSMISSION FLUID IN DIESEL ENGINERTC 076Salmiah Kasolang, Norhanifah Abdul Rahman and Mohamad Ali Ahmad
255ConferenceFinite element analysis of a two layer viscoelastic material in contact with a flat punchMITC2015-pp 70-71P.W. Anggoro, B. Bawono, J. Jamari, A.P. Bayuseno
256ConferenceFinite element analysis of the damage occurring in the sliding contact between a metallic ball and a composite plateAsiatrib-2018, pp. 246-247S. Panier, G. Franz, J. Bijwe, L. Hui
257ArticleFinite element analysis on nano-indentation behavior in columnar 7YSZ EB-PVD thermal barrier coatingsJurnal Tribologi 22 (2019) 1-17Nikhil Rajendra Kadam, Karthikeyan, G., Dhananjay Kulkarni
258ConferenceFinite element analysis on nano-indentation behavior in columnar YSZ EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings based on 2D nonlinear contactAsiatrib-2018, pp. 178-179N.R. Kadam, G. Karthikeyan, D.M. Kulkarni
259ArticleFinite element modeling of ASTM-G98 galling test – Numerical study of stress distributions in stainless steel specimensJurnal Tribologi 25 (2020) 102-118Gerald Franz, Kofi Edoh Agode, Stéphane Panier, Thibault Lesage
260ConferenceFinite element modeling of the contact between an insole shoe and a ballnose cutter millingMITC2015-pp 66-67B. Bawono, P.W. Anggoro, J. Jamari, A.P. Bayuseno