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141ArticleComparative physico-chemical analysis of low-price bulk Nigerian commercial engine oilsJurnal TribologiBarnabas Atuci, Binfa Bongfa, H.E. Ajibili
142ArticleNigeria Jatropha oil as suitable basestock for biolubricant productionJurnal Tribologi 23 (2019) 97-112Timothy Y Woma, Sunday A Lawal, Asipita S. Abdulrahman, Moses A Olutoye
143ArticleTribological evaluations of modified RBD palm olein-based lubricants in machining processesJurnal TribologiT. Norfazillah, S. A. S. Amiril, E. A. Rahim, A. C. G. Saiful, S. Syahrullail
144ArticlePast, present and future of tribology in JapanJurnal TribologiKato Koji
145ArticlePerformance evaluation of PCBN, coated carbide and mixed ceramic inserts in finish-turning of AISI D2 steelJurnal TribologiM. Junaid Mir, M.F. Wani
146ArticleThe effect of groove shape on activation energy of powder pack boronizing in mild steelJurnal Tribologi 22 (2019) 123-137Rafidah Hasan, Johnnie Zhong Li Liew, Nabilah Ab Halim
147ArticleLubricity of bio-based lubricant derived from chemically modified jatropha methyl esterJurnal TribologiN.W.M. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, R. Yunus, S.S.N. Azman
148ArticleThe abrasion resistance estimation of the C120 steel by a multi- pass dual-indenter scratch testJurnal TribologiLucian Capitanu, Liliana-Laura Badita, Virgil Florescu
149ArticleDesign of laser melting of tool steel for surface integrity enhancementJurnal Tribologi 22 (2019) 18-31Fazliana Fauzun, Syarifah Nur Aqida Syed Ahmad, Izwan Ismail
150ArticleFriction and wear of bearing material under water contaminated compressor oilJurnal TribologiM.N. Syahirah, A.N. Farhanah, M.Z. Bahak
151ArticleAnalysis of control flow valve compensated thrust bearing considering thrust pad flexibilityJurnal Tribologi 25 (2020) 45-58Vivek Kumar, Satish C Sharma, Kuldeep Narwat
152ArticleTribological properties of surface modified Ti-6Al-4V alloy under lubricated condition using Taguchi approachJurnal TribologiMd Abd Maleque, Lailatul Harina, Kamillo Bello, Mohd Azwan, Md Mustafizur Rahman
153ArticleEffect of second phase morphology on wear resistance of Fe-TiC compositesJurnal TribologiA. Rajabi, M.J. Ghazali, A.R. Daud
154ArticleCommon skin disorders: A reviewJurnal Tribologi 25 (2020) 59-82Salmiah Kasolang, Wan Afiqah Adlina, Norhanifah Abdul Rahman, Nik Roselina Nik Roseley
155ArticleDevelopment of a mathematical tool to predict engine in-cylinder frictionJurnal TribologiY. C. Ng, S. H. Hamdan, W. W. F. Chong
156ArticleThe effects of dry and chilled air on tool wear behavior during face milling of Inconel 718Jurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 47-62M.S.A. Hafiz , M.S Kasim , W.N.F. Mohamad, N.S.M. Zainurin, I.S. Othman, R. Izamshah, M. Akmal, S.B. Mohamed, M.A.M. Nawi
157ArticleEffects of dispersed sulfides in bronze under line contact conditionsJurnal TribologiTomohiro Sato, Yoshimasa Hirai, Takehisa Fukui, Keisuke Akiyama, Hatsuhiko Usami
158ArticleAn experimental compression test of lubricants with direct measurement of lubricant pressure build-upJurnal TribologiSulaiman MH, Christiansen P, Bay, N.
159ArticleThe morphological and surface roughness of magnetorheological polished AISI 6010 surfaceJurnal Tribologi 24 (2020) 80-99Soffarina M Soffie, Izwan Ismail, Mutalib A Nurain, Syarifah N Aqida
160ArticleOptimization of electroless Ni-Co-P coating with hardness as response parameter: A computational approachJurnal TribologiSubhasish Sarkar, Rishav Kumar Baranwal, Sameer Lamichaney, Jhumpa De, Gautam Majumdar