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101ArticleThe morphological and surface roughness of magnetorheological polished AISI 6010 surfaceJurnal Tribologi 24 (2020) 80-99Soffarina M Soffie, Izwan Ismail, Mutalib A Nurain, Syarifah N Aqida
102ConferenceThe influence of the phase transition of lubricants on press workingAsiatrib-2018, pp. 198-199Nobuhide Tanino, Ryohei Shinozaki, Hideo Sugii, Bo Zhang, Toshifumi Mawatari
103ConferenceThe influence of the friction force on the sliding stability of controlled multibody systems - CNC machine tool Asiatrib-2018, pp. 338-339Yunn-Lin Hwang, Thi Na Ta
104ConferenceThe Influence of peg designs on glenoid component: A finite element studyMITC2015-pp 52-53A.W.A. Hadi, M.R.A. Kadir, M.N. Harun, A. Syahrom
105ArticleThe influence of friction force on sliding stability of controlled multibody systems – CNC machine toolJurnal TribologiThi-Na Ta, Yunn-Lin Hwang, Jeng-Haur Horng
106ArticleThe influence of cutting fluid conditions and machining parameters on cutting performance and wear mechanism of coated carbide toolsJurnal TribologiM. J. Mir, M. F. Wani
107ConferenceThe feasibility study of CaCO3 derived from cockleshell as nanoparticle in chemically modified lubricantMITC2015-pp 209-210N.A. Zainal, N.W.M. Zulkifli, M. Yusoff, H.H. Masjuki, R. Yunus
109ConferenceThe erosion resistance of laser surface alloyed sintered stainless steelsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 376-377Z. Brytan
110ConferenceThe effects of surface texturing in hydraulic components to improve tribological propertiesAsiatrib-2018, pp. 98-99K.I. Kim, Y.G. Seo, D.P. Lim, D.S. Shim
111ConferenceThe effects of solid lubricants for space vehicle under the 10-7 torr ultrahigh vacuumAsiatrib-2018, pp. 114-115Wonil Kwak, Jeonkook Lee, Woosub Lee, Yongbok Lee
112ArticleThe effects of oil additives and mating materials to the friction, wear and seizure characteristics of a-C:H coatingJurnal TribologiMohd Taufik bin Taib, Noritsugu Umehara, Takayuki Tokoroyama, Motoyuki Murashima
113ConferenceThe effects of feed rate and frequency on the consistency of distance between dimple using dynamic assisted tool Asiatrib-2018, pp. 491-492S. Hassan, J.A.Ghani, C.H.C. Haron
114ArticleThe effects of dry and chilled air on tool wear behavior during face milling of Inconel 718Jurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 47-62M.S.A. Hafiz , M.S Kasim , W.N.F. Mohamad, N.S.M. Zainurin, I.S. Othman, R. Izamshah, M. Akmal, S.B. Mohamed, M.A.M. Nawi
115ConferenceThe effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on bio-lubricant film thickness using ultrasonic reflectionMITC2015-pp 324-326S. Kasolang, N.S. Mohamad, M.A.A. Bakar, A. Jumahat, N.R. Nik Roselina
116ArticleThe effect of TiAlN-based and AlCrN-based coatings towards mechanical properties on punch tools using finite element methodJurnal Tribologi 24 (2020) 65-79Muhamad Isyraf Bin Aznam, Wan Fathul Hakim W Zamri, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, Muhammad Faiz Md Din, Intan Fadhlina Mohamed, Guanyu Deng
117ConferenceThe effect of the wear rate on impingement failure confirming the relation between impingement failure and wear of the acetabular liner surface based on finite element simulationMITC2015-pp 54-55E. Saputra, I.B. Anwar, R. Ismail, J. Jamari, E. van der Heide
118ConferenceThe effect of Poisson’s ratio on the adhesive contact between an elastic sphere and a rigid half-spaceAsiatrib 2018Jiunn-Jong Wu
119ConferenceThe effect of oil treatment on wear property of medium carbon steelMITC2015-pp 142-143S. Kasolang, M.H.K. Anwar, M.H. Ismail, M.A.A. Bakar, N.R.N. Roselina, A. Jumahat
120ConferenceTHE EFFECT OF NATURAL FREQUENCY OF THE PIN ON DISC SET-UP ON THE FRICTION COEFFICIENT OF MILD STENTC-2009-001Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury, Md. Liakat Ali, Syed Md. Ihsanul Karim