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1ConferenceInvestigation of lubricant transport processes of laser structured surfacesAsiatrib 2018T. Stark, A. Aguilar, S. Alamri, T. Kiedrowski, A.F. Lasagni
2ConferenceErosion wear resistance of laser cladding AlCr2FeCoNiNbx high-entropy alloy coatingsAsiatrib 2018X.L.Ji Y.Y. Bao J.H. Zhao P. Gu
3ConferenceSurface texture characterization and chip morphology in ball nose end milling process of Inconel 718 for turbine bladesAsiatrib 2018M.S. Kasim, C.H.C. Haron, J.A. Ghani, M. Zaimi, R. Izamshah, T.J.S. Anand, H.A. Bakar, S.B. Mohamed
4ConferenceThe effect of Poisson’s ratio on the adhesive contact between an elastic sphere and a rigid half-spaceAsiatrib 2018Jiunn-Jong Wu
5ConferenceEffect of pulse duration on tribological behavior of textured stainless steel by laser surface texturingAsiatrib 2018J.J. Zhang, D.H. Yang, C.W. Song, Y.D. Yan , T. Sun
6ConferenceInvestigating run-in behavior of ta-C friction and understating wear behavior at high temperatureAsiatrib-2018, pp. 100-102Woo-Young Lee, Takayuki Tokoroyama, Motoyuki Murashima, Young-Jun Jang, Jong-Kuk Kim, Noritsugu Umehara
7ConferenceTribocorrosion: A novel design and approachAsiatrib-2018, pp. 103-104K. Pondicherry, J. Vancoillie, J. De Pauw, J. Sukumaran, P. De Baets
8ConferenceInfluence of laser processing design on tool steel surface integrityAsiatrib-2018, pp. 105-106F. Fazliana, S.N. Aqida, I. Izwan
9ConferenceInfluence of texture bottom profile on the hydrodynamic characteristicsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 107-108N.D. Hingawe, S.P. Bhore
10ConferenceA new ball-on-disk vacuum tribometer with in situ measurement of the wear track by digital holographic microscopyAsiatrib-2018, pp. 109-110B. Zhang, B. Meylan, K Wasmer, E. Cuche
11ConferenceEffect of porosity on friction coefficient of polymer foam blocks under dry conditionAsiatrib-2018, pp. 111-113T. Yamaguchi, M. Takahashi, K. Shibata, K. Moriyasu, T. Nishiwaki, K. Hokkirigawa
12ConferenceThe effects of solid lubricants for space vehicle under the 10-7 torr ultrahigh vacuumAsiatrib-2018, pp. 114-115Wonil Kwak, Jeonkook Lee, Woosub Lee, Yongbok Lee
13ConferencePerformances of a reduced thick insert in machining AISI1017 steelAsiatrib-2018, pp. 116-118M.H. Zakaria, S.A.C. Ghani, W.S.W. Harun, E.A. Rahim, R. Ibrahim
14ConferenceEnhancing polymer based tribocompounds using mineral fillers with an energy absorbing material transformationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 119-120S. Kamerling, A.K. Schlarb
15ConferenceTool wear propagation in Ti6Al4V laser assisted micro milling using micro ball end millAsiatrib-2018, pp. 121-122Z. Mohid, E.A. Rahim
16ConferenceSlurry effect on wear characteristics of brake padsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 123-124M.K. Abdul Hamid, F. Samwil, Z.H. Che Daud, S.A. Abu Bakar, A.R. Abu Bakar
17ConferenceMechanical and dry sliding wear behavior of cenosphere particulate reinforced Al-Si12 matrix alloy composites produced by squeeze castingAsiatrib-2018, pp. 125-126Tanusree Bera, S.K. Acharya
18ConferenceFluorination and wear of aluminum alloy slid against PTFEAsiatrib-2018, pp. 127-128Y. Takeichi, K. Tamai, M. Kawamura, M. Dzimko
19ConferenceAnalytical friction model for sliding bodies with coupled longitudinal and transverse vibrationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 129-130P. Udaykant Jadav, R. Amali, O.B. Adetoro
20ConferenceDevelopment of tribological polymeric coatings Asiatrib-2018, pp. 13-14Sujeet K. Sinha