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61ConferenceSynergetic effects of a polymeric friction modifier and MoDTC on tribological properties under boundary lubricationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 210-212Hikaru Okubo, Mariko Isokane, Sumi Taro, Noriyoshi Tanaka, Shinya Sasaki
62ConferenceStudy of instantaneous starvation at a finite-length line contact Asiatrib-2018, pp. 213-214Fakai Dong, Xiaoyang Chen, Xuejin Shen, Zhijian Wang
63ConferenceAddition of ZDDP in corn oil as lubricant physical property improverAsiatrib-2018, pp. 213-214N.R. Mat Nuri, Q.N. Suffian, M.F.H.M. Saroji, M.A. Azhari
64ConferenceMechanical and wear properties of aluminium coatings produced by high pressure and low-pressure cold sprayed processesAsiatrib-2018, pp. 215-216A. Manap, S.N.A. Yusof, N.F. Afandi, S. Mahalingam, Z.M. Rosli, K. Ogawa
65ConferenceWear properties of a-C:H and Si-DLC in pressurized high-temperature waterAsiatrib-2018, pp. 217-218M. Takeuchi, K. Okuno, N. Umehara, M. Murashima
66ConferenceInvestigation of influence of lubricant additives on scuffing performance using in-situ observation methodAsiatrib-2018, pp. 219-221Y. Matsuzaki, K. Yagi, J. Sugimura
67ConferenceSimulation of fatigue failure on tooth flanks in consideration of pitting initiation and growthAsiatrib-2018, pp. 222-223M. Weibring, L. Gondecki, P. Tenberge
68ConferenceEffect of layer thickness on surface roughness of lattice structure manufactured using FDMAsiatrib-2018, pp. 224-226N.A. Rosli, R. Hasan, M.R. Alkahari
69ConferenceTribological analysis of sliding motion on carbon-fiber based composite material enhanced by clay and CNT with texturing effectAsiatrib-2018, pp. 227-228J.F. Lin, C.C. Wei, Y.H. Yang
70ConferenceWater-repellent textured surfaces produced by an injection moulding using laser textured mouldsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 229-230M. Uchidate, A. Yoshida, Y. Shirakawabe, T. Tamura, K. Hirose
71ConferenceImpact fretting wear properties of 304 austenitic stainless steel against alumina in sodium sulfate solution Asiatrib-2018, pp. 23-24Y. Sato, Y. Nakagawa, B. Zhang
72ConferenceRelation between coefficient of friction and surface roughness of workpiece in bulk plastic deformationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 231-232S. Kamitani, A. Yamabe, S. Fukumoto, S. Syahrullail, Y.M. Guo
73Conference2D numerical wear model for determining change in surface topography with number of wear cyclesAsiatrib-2018, pp. 233-234Deepak K. Prajapati, Mayank Tiwari
74ConferenceMeso-scale SPH simulation including plasticity and wearAsiatrib-2018, pp. 235-237N.N. Sugimura, L.V. Sang, Y. Mihara, H. Washizu
75ConferenceInfluence of load and time on tribological behaviour of semi-metallic friction materialAsiatrib-2018, pp. 238-239A.M. Zaharudin, R.J. Talib, M.N. Berhan, S. Budin
76ConferenceFretting wear characteristics of AISI 1040 steel alloy Asiatrib-2018, pp. 240-241Krishnamurti Singh, Mayank Tiwari, Anirban Mahato
77ConferenceInfluence of climatic conditions on adhesion in the wheel-rail contactAsiatrib-2018, pp. 242-243R. Galas, M. Omasta, I. Krupka, M. Hartl
78Conferencempact-sliding complex fretting wear behaviors of laser shock peened TC4 alloyAsiatrib-2018, pp. 244-245M.G. Yin, Z.B. Cai, W.J. Wang, M.H. Zhu
79ConferenceFinite element analysis of the damage occurring in the sliding contact between a metallic ball and a composite plateAsiatrib-2018, pp. 246-247S. Panier, G. Franz, J. Bijwe, L. Hui
80ConferenceStudy of sliding friction of micron-scale ironAsiatrib-2018, pp. 248-250L.V. Sang, A. Yano, S. Fujii, N. Sugimura, Hitoshi Washizu