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141ConferenceInfluence of area ratio on pressure distribution for dimple structureAsiatrib-2018, pp. 371-373H.A. Rahman, J.A. Ghani, W.M.F.W. Mahmood, M.R.M. Rasani
142ConferenceEffect of rotational speed on dimensional wear coefficients of solution treated Al-Mg-Si and Al-Zn alloys tested in abrasion conditionAsiatrib-2018, pp. 374-375P. Narasimha Chandra, N. Ch Kaushik, Ch Chaitanya, R.N. Rao
143ConferenceThe erosion resistance of laser surface alloyed sintered stainless steelsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 376-377Z. Brytan
144ConferenceWear mechanism and tribological characterization of novel nanocomposite coated cutting tool material Asiatrib-2018, pp. 378-379Pavandatta M Jadhav, Narala Suresh Kumar Reddy
145ConferenceSurface integrity of FC300 cast iron when machined with TiAlN ball end millAsiatrib-2018, pp. 38-39A.B. Hadzley, A.A. Anis, T. Norfauzi, A.A. Aziz, R. Izamshah, S. Kasim, M.A. Mohd Amran, M.R. Nurul Fatin
146ConferenceRapid prototyping medical model for hip and pelvis orthopedics surgical Asiatrib-2018, pp. 380-381W.A.Y. Yusoff, Nurzawanah Zakariah, Nurshafikah Abd.Razak
147ConferenceThe performances of palm mid olein as lubricant in journal bearing applicationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 382-383P. Zulhanafi, S. Syahrullail, Mohamad Ali Ahmad
148ConferenceTraction behavior for rolling bearing based solid lubrication under the cryogenic environmentAsiatrib-2018, pp. 384-385Wonil Kwak, Bokseong Choe, Jeonkook Lee, Yongbok Lee
149ConferenceA study of micropolar lubricated conical undulated journal bearings Asiatrib-2018, pp. 386-388Arvind Kumar Rajput, Satish C. Sharma, Nathi Ram
150ConferenceEffect of inlet condition on performance parameters of Rayleigh step bearing under thin film lubricationAsiatrib-2018, pp. 389-391Rahul Kumar, Vikas Kumar Kaktan, Mohammad Sikander Azam, Subrata Kumar Ghosh
151ConferenceThe effect of nanoclay additive on pressure profile in journal bearing test rigAsiatrib-2018, pp. 392-393I. H. Abdul Razak, K.S. Shahrudin, M.A. Ahmad, S. Kasolang, M.A.A. Bakar, N. Manap
152ConferenceDominant grease properties for high-speed spindle bearingsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 394-395M.N. bin Yusof, J. Wang
153ConferenceSupporting and friction properties of magnetic fluids bearingAsiatrib-2018, pp. 396-397Z.D. Hu, Q.W. Dai, W. Huang, X.L. Wang
154ConferenceFundamental physical mechanisms of adhesive wear identified with spatiotemporal mapping analysisAsiatrib-2018, pp. 398-399K. Fukuda, T. Morita
155ConferenceWear characteristics on gas turbine fuel nozzle-combustion liner contacting surface at different contact temperatures Asiatrib-2018, pp. 40-42A.A. Pauzi, M.J. Ghazali, S. Mohd Yunus, W.F.H. Wan Zamri, C.H. Azhari, S. Husin
156ConferenceInfluence of graphene nanoplatelet on the tribological performance of various bio-based lubricantAsiatrib-2018, pp. 400-401M.H. Harith, N.W.M. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki, M.N.A.M. Yusoff, A.Z. Syahir, T.M. Ibrahim, Z.M. Zulfattah
157ConferenceFriction screening tests for wet multi-plate clutches – Variation of lubricant and friction liningAsiatrib-2018, pp. 402-404U. Stockinger, H. Pflaum, K. Stahl
158ConferenceLubricity assessment of butanol isomers in gasoline fuelAsiatrib-2018, pp. 405-406M.N.A.M. Yusoff, N.W.M. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki, A.Z. Syahir, M.H. Harith, T.M. Ibrahim
159ConferenceWear performance of TMP ester as bio-based 2T lubricant Asiatrib-2018, pp. 407-408Z.M. Zulfattah, N.W.M. Zulkifli, H.H. Masjuki, M.H. Harith, A.Z. Syahir, I. Norain, M.N.A.M. Yusoff
160ConferenceMeasurement of compressibility by means of pressure-bulk modulus relationship for low-to-high viscosity oilsAsiatrib-2018, pp. 409-410M.H. Sulaiman, P. Christiansen, N. Bay