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221Expert PersonalExpert in CFDFKM, UTMDr. Hayati Abdullah
222Expert PersonalExpert in CFDSBEHSDr. Kahar Osman
223Expert PersonalExpert in CFD and fluid structure interactionFKM, UTMMohd Hazmil Syahidy Abdol Azis
224Expert PersonalExpert in CFD and PIVFKM, UTMNurulain Yahaya
225Expert PersonalExpert in CFD and turbomachineFKM, UTMDr. Muhamad Hasbullah Padzillah
226Expert PersonalExpert in CFD and wind turbineFKM, UTMDr. Fazila Mohd Zawawi
227Expert PersonalExpert in combustionFKM, UTMProf. Dr. Mazlan Wahid
228Expert PersonalExpert in engine performance and tribologyFKM, UTEMHilmi Amiruddin
229Expert PersonalExpert in engine performance and tribologyFKM, UTEMNoreffendy Tamaldin
230Expert PersonalExpert in fluid mechanics, hydraulic and pneumaticFKM, UTMMohamad Nor Musa
231Expert PersonalExpert in fluid-flow and CFDFKM, UTEMTee Boon Tuan, Yong Kai Fang, Imran Syakir Mohamad, Chong Cheng Tung
232Expert PersonalExpert in fluid-flow and molecular dynamicsFKM, UTEMAbdul Rafeq Saleman
233Expert PersonalExpert in heat transfer and simulationFKM, UTMDr. Mohd Fairus Mohd Yasin
234Expert PersonalExpert in journal bearing.FKM, UITMProf. Dr. Salmiah Kasolang
235Expert PersonalExpert in lubricant tribological test, palm oil testing, fluid mechanics and tribology in metal forming.SKM, UTMProf. Dr. Syahrullail Samion
236Expert PersonalExpert in machine design, automation, lubricant tribology, bio-tribotester, journal bearing, STEM and Project Management.FKM, UITMTs. Dr Mohamad Ali Ahmad
237Expert PersonalExpert in nano channelFKM, UTMDr. Ummikalsom Abidin
238Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics and drone helicopterFKM, UTMDr. Yusof Senawi
239Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics and engineering mathematicFKM, UTMDr. Normah Mohd Ghazali
240Expert PersonalExpert in thermodynamics and engineering mathematicFKM, UTMDr. Mohd Ibthisham Ardani