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41ArticleEffect of mating materials on wear properties of amorphous hydrogenated carbon (a-C:H) coating and tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) coating in base oil boundary lubrication conditionJurnal TribologiXiang Li, Toshiya Sawaki, Hiroyuki Kousaka, Motoyuki Murashima, Noritsugu Umehara
42ArticleLinear and nonlinear stability analysis of hydrodynamic journal bearings using mass-conservative cavitation modelJurnal Tribologi 22 (2019) 61-73Norifumi Miyanaga, Jun Tomioka
43ArticleEvaluation on the tribological properties of palm olein in different loads applied using pin-on-disk tribotesterJurnal TribologiN. Sapawe, S. Syahrullail, M.I. Izhan
44ArticleAn investigation on the optimization of anti-wear performance of nano-Fe3O4 based ferro-magnetic lubricantJurnal Tribologi 25 (2020) 119-135Mayank Chouhan, Lalit Thakur, Dinesh Sindhu, Manoj K Patel
45ArticlePhysical-mechanical properties of palm kernel activated carbon reinforced polymeric composite: Potential as a self-lubricating materialJurnal TribologiMartini Mohmad, Mohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah, Ahmed Qays Khudhair, Noreffendy Tamaldin, Hilmi Amiruddin, Mohd Rody Mohamad Zin
46ArticleMechanical properties of additive manufactured CoCrMo metabiomaterials for load bearing implantsJurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 93-107Siti Rohaida Mohamed, Saiful Anwar Che Ghani, Worapong Sawangsri
47ArticleNew oil condition monitoring system, Wearsens® enables continuous, online detection of critical operating conditions and wear damageJurnal TribologiManfred Mauntz, Ulrich Kuipers, Jörn Peuser
48ArticleFrictional property of a 3D-capillary-structured surface fabricated by selective laser meltingJurnal TribologiHiroaki Maeda, Hikaru Okubo, Shinya Sasaki
49ArticleSurface characterization of heat-affected zone in robot-based increment sheet formingJurnal Tribologi 24 (2020) 126-134Nazarul Abidin Ismail, Mohd Idris Shah Ismail, Mohd Khairol Anuar Mohd Ariffin, Azizan As’arry
50ArticleStudy of the tribological properties of fly ash cenosphere particulate reinforced LM6 (Al-Si12) matrix alloy composites produced by stir casting methodJurnal TribologiTanusree Bera, Samir K. Acharya
51ArticleDry and cryogenic milling of AISI 4340 alloy steelJurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 1-12Shalina Sheik Muhamad Jaharah A Ghani Afifah Juri Che Hassan Che Haron
52ArticleDry and cryogenic milling of AISI 4340 alloy steel Jurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 1-12Shalina Sheik Muhamad Jaharah A Ghani, Afifah Juri Che Hassan Che Haron
53ArticlePerformance characteristics in hydrodynamic water cooled thrust bearingsJurnal TribologiFarooq Ahmad Najar, G.A. Harmain
54ArticleFriction and wear analysis of ceramic cutting tool made from Alumina-Zirconia-ChromiaJurnal Tribologi 24 (2020) 27-38Anis Afuza Azhar, Mohd Hadzley Abu Bakar, Norfauzi Tamin, Umar Al-Amani Azlan, Muhammad Hafiz Hassan
55ArticleThe effects of oil additives and mating materials to the friction, wear and seizure characteristics of a-C:H coatingJurnal TribologiMohd Taufik bin Taib, Noritsugu Umehara, Takayuki Tokoroyama, Motoyuki Murashima
56ArticleInfluence of vegetable based cutting fluids on cutting force and vibration signature during milling of aluminium metal matrix compositesJurnal TribologiS. Shankar, T. Mohanraj, K. Ponappa
57ArticleThe wear of the taper junction of the stem trunnion with the femoral head of a total modular hip prosthesisJurnal Tribologi 23 (2019) 61-75Lucian Capitanu, Liliana-Laura Badita, Constantin Tiganesteanu, Virgil Florescu
58ArticleParametric investigations of short length hydro-dynamically lubricated conical journal bearingJurnal TribologiAjay K. Gangrade, Vikas M. Phalle, S. S. Mantha
59ArticleFriction and wear behaviour of hypereutectic Al-Si alloy/steel tribopair under dry and lubricated conditionsJurnal TribologiParveen Kumar, M.F. Wani
60ArticleA neural network approach to the steel surface wear on linear dry contact, plastic material reinforced with SGF/steelJurnalTribologi 22 (2019) 74-107Lucian Capitanu, Victor Vladareanu, Luige Vladareanu, Liliana-Laura Badita