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121ArticleEffect of second phase morphology on wear resistance of Fe-TiC compositesJurnal TribologiA. Rajabi, M.J. Ghazali, A.R. Daud
122ArticleCommon skin disorders: A reviewJurnal Tribologi 25 (2020) 59-82Salmiah Kasolang, Wan Afiqah Adlina, Norhanifah Abdul Rahman, Nik Roselina Nik Roseley
123ArticleDevelopment of a mathematical tool to predict engine in-cylinder frictionJurnal TribologiY. C. Ng, S. H. Hamdan, W. W. F. Chong
124ArticleThe effects of dry and chilled air on tool wear behavior during face milling of Inconel 718Jurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 47-62M.S.A. Hafiz , M.S Kasim , W.N.F. Mohamad, N.S.M. Zainurin, I.S. Othman, R. Izamshah, M. Akmal, S.B. Mohamed, M.A.M. Nawi
125ArticleEffects of dispersed sulfides in bronze under line contact conditionsJurnal TribologiTomohiro Sato, Yoshimasa Hirai, Takehisa Fukui, Keisuke Akiyama, Hatsuhiko Usami
126ArticleAn experimental compression test of lubricants with direct measurement of lubricant pressure build-upJurnal TribologiSulaiman MH, Christiansen P, Bay, N.
127ArticleThe morphological and surface roughness of magnetorheological polished AISI 6010 surfaceJurnal Tribologi 24 (2020) 80-99Soffarina M Soffie, Izwan Ismail, Mutalib A Nurain, Syarifah N Aqida
128ArticleOptimization of electroless Ni-Co-P coating with hardness as response parameter: A computational approachJurnal TribologiSubhasish Sarkar, Rishav Kumar Baranwal, Sameer Lamichaney, Jhumpa De, Gautam Majumdar
129ArticleAnchovy Processing Machine with Specially Designed Sorting MechanismJurnal MekanikalNoor M.M.H., Zulkepli M.
130ArticleCombined effects of graphite and sulfide on the tribological properties of bronze under dry conditionsJurnal TribologiYoshimasa Hirai, Tomohiro Sato, Hatsuhiko Usami
131ArticleEnhancing wear resistance using selective laser melting (SLM): Influence of scanning strategyJurnal Tribologi 23 (2019) 113-124Yang Yang, Yi Zhu, Huayong Yang
132ArticleThe influence of friction force on sliding stability of controlled multibody systems – CNC machine toolJurnal TribologiThi-Na Ta, Yunn-Lin Hwang, Jeng-Haur Horng
133ArticleInfluence of couple stress lubricants on hole-entry hybrid journal bearingsJurnal TribologiNathi Ram
134ArticleInfluence of lubricant factors on static coefficient of friction for Pistia leaves surfaces and micro fiber fabricsJurnal Tribologi 23 (2019) 1-12Ab Latif N, Kasolang S, Ahmad M.A, Abu Bakar M.A.A.
135ArticleSurface roughness of hypereutectic Al-Si A390 in high speed millingJurnal TribologiKamal Othman, Jaharah A. Ghani, Mohd Shahfizal Ruslan, Mohd Shahir Kassim
136ArticleSliding wear performance of dry and oil impregnated black-fiber palm woodJurnal TribologiFriedrich K., Akpan E. I., Wetzel B.
137ArticleCavitation modelling effect on pressure distribution of inclined lubricated contacts and textured surfaces using CFDJurnal Tribologi 22 (2019) 40-48Almaida, N, Prasetyaji M.R, Mufian M.H, Hakim A.R, Tauviqirrahman M, Muchammad, Jamari J
138ArticleEngine oil wear resistanceJurnal TribologiA.N. Farhanah, M.Z. Bahak
139ArticleFriction and wear reduction properties of GNP nano-particles as nano-additive for Al-Si + Al2O3 composite/Chromium plated steel tribopairJurnal Tribologi 25 (2020) 83-101Pranav Dev Srivyas, Charoo M S
140ArticleInvestigation a unique scratching of the failure mechanisms of the coatings with TiN thin layers deposited on 316L stainless steelJurnal TribologiLucian Capitanu, Liliana-Laura Badita, Virgil Florescu