TitleA 3-dimensional computational fluid-structure interaction analysis in the hip-joint prosthesis during solat (prayer) activity
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorBayu Siswo Wibowo, Prayudha Naufal Wijaya, Mohammad Tauviqirrahman, Rifky Ismail, Jamari Muchammad


Artificial hip joint (AHJ) hailed as the current best solution to solve the damage hip joint issues that can lead to permanent disability. This study investigates the performance of artificial hip joint during the salat activity under seven salat position loading condition by introducing the existence of non-Newtonian synovial fluid and analyzed with two-way FSI methods. Based on the result, the amount of hydrodynamic pressure is affected by the external and internal rotation (z-axis) position. The external position enhances the hydrodynamic pressure value, while the internal position reduces the hydrodynamic pressure value. Meanwhile, the maximum equivalent stress on the inner liner under all salat position is insignificant to the elastic modulus of the Ultra-highmolecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) therefore the artificial hip joint is statically safe to perform salat. Finally, the amount of load support is insufficient to prevent the direct contact between the femoral head and inner liner. Thus, the design modification is necessary to provide the sufficient value of load support on the artificial joint.


Jurnal Tribologi 19 (2018) 125-141.