TitleEffect of second phase morphology on wear resistance of Fe-TiC composites
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorA. Rajabi, M.J. Ghazali, A.R. Daud


The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of the second phase morphology (TiC) on wear behavior in Fe-TiC composites. Fe-TiC composites were successfully produced by an in-situ melting method under an inert argon gas in which raw materials, namely cast iron (Fe-3.5wt%C) and 10wt%ferrotitanium (Fe-72wt%Ti) were used. The obtained melting was centrifugally casted in mold ceramic to produce the samples required. XRD instrument was also used to identify the acquired phases. The size of TiC and hardness of composites were examined by an image analyser and Vickers hardness respectively. Morphological investigation of the microstructure was performed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Weight lost was measured under the condition of using a pin-on-wheel configuration with normal load 20N, sliding distance up to 2000m and speed 0.8m/s. The results indicated the wear resistance in re-melt composites improved due to TiC good uniform distribution with its regular form.