TitleEngine oil wear resistance
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorA.N. Farhanah, M.Z. Bahak


Lubricants play a vital role in an internal combustion engine to lubricate parts and help to protect and prolong the engine life. Lubricant also will help to reduce wear by creating lubricating film between the moving parts hence reduce metal-to-metal contacts. Engine oil from three different manufacturers with the same SAE viscosity grade available in market does not mean it will have the same lubricity for an engine. In this study, commercial mineral lubrication oil (SAE 10W-30) from three manufacturers was investigatedto compare the lubrication performance at three different temperatures (40 ̊C, 70 ̊C and 100 ̊C) in 60minutes time duration by using four ball wear tester. The speed will be varied from 1000 rpm to 2500 rpm. Results show that all three lubricants have different lubricity performance; the smaller the wear scar, the better the lubricant since the lubricant can protect the moving surfaces from direct metal-to-metal contact occur.