TitleFormulation and physico-chemical characteristics of biolubricant
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorD.I Ahmed, S. Kasolang, R.S. Dwyer-Joyce, K.I. Sainan, N.R. Nik Roselina


The interest in bio lubricant has grown over the past years due to its promising benefits such as environment-friendly, renewable, less toxic and readily biodegradable. In recent years, many studies explored the potential of bio lubricants for industrial applications. This study was dedicated to develop a new formulated bio lubricant having viscosity fitted to a commercialized industrial lubricant. From nine different samples, the blend having a mixture of 52.70 % (wt) soybean oil, 40.55 % (wt) mineral oil, and 6.75 (%) additives produced the best results for the viscosity fitting. The selected blend was also tested for physico-chemical characteristics. The results on viscosity index, pour point, and flash point indicate positive characteristics for application in wider temperature change, cold weather, and safer transportation. Outcome of degradation test was also promising.