TitleAnchovy Processing Machine with Specially Designed Sorting Mechanism
SourceJurnal Mekanikal
AuthorNoor M.M.H., Zulkepli M.


Anchovy is a famous or popular fish that is rich with nutrient such as protein and calcium for such its tiny size. Normally, dried anchovies are packed into two categories which are split and non-split version. Usually, the market price of the split anchovies is higher compared to the non-split variant because they have undergone the splitting process, done either manually or through a machine that further incurred additional cost. The traditional method to split dried anchovies is to employ a group of people to split them in-half manually by hand while the automated mode uses a specially customized anchovies processing machine. The productivity of the traditional method is somewhat low and typically results in a higher operating cost compared to the automated counterpart. One of the alternatives to improve the current condition is to modify the machine by incorporating a separate feeder mechanism into the machine original structure. The feeder is a mechanism that links the storage (of the anchovies) to the entrance opening of the processing machine. This study is carried out to analyze and determine which type of feeder mechanism can best be implemented to the original structure to improve the feeding process of the anchovies into the machine. The additional feeder mechanism was developed designed in anticipation of further enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the machine.


Jurnal Mekanikal, Special Issue, December 2018, 41: 1-10.