TitleCharacterization of Dissimilar Materials Joining using Gas Metal Arc Welding
SourceJurnal Mekanikal
AuthorAbu Khair K., Redzuan N.


Galvanized steel (GS) and mild steel (MS) were joined using the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) method with steel filler rod and carbon dioxide as the shielding gas. The welding process was carried out considering a range of the welding voltages (and currents) that was gradually varied from 16 V to 18.5 V with an increment of 0.5 V. The mechanical properties of the MS and GS with GMAW weld joints were investigated by performing the tensile and hardness tests. In addition, the cross section of the weld area was also inspected under the stereo microscope to observe the weld quality in terms of the weld penetration and discontinuities. Results showed that the dissimilar materials of GS and MS could be successfully joined by GMAW technique by applying the welding voltage and current of 18.0 V and 31 A, respectively. The ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of the successful joint specimen is 324.7 MPa at which fracture occurs at the MS base metal during the tensile test. Its maximum hardness value was found to be around 400 Hv, which is located at the center of weld area.


Jurnal Mekanikal, Special Issue, December 2018, 41: 11-16.