TitleStudy on tool wear and wear mechanisms of end milling Nickel-based alloy
SourceJurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 82-92
AuthorKamaruddin Kamdani , Sulaiman Hasan, Ahmad Farid Irfan Ahmad Ashaary, Mohd Amri Lajis, Erween Abd Rahim


Tool wear is a problem when machining Inconel 718. Inconel 718 is known for being a difficult to cut material, this is due to its high strength at high temperatures, low thermal conductivity and high work hardening. This causes cutting tools to experience rapid wear. It is important to understand the wear mechanisms and analyze the causes of wear. The study was done at cutting speeds of 80, 100 and 120m/min and radial depth of cut of 5, 7.5, 10 and 20mm in dry condition. The tool wear and tool wear mechanisms were observed using the tool maker’s microscope and scanning electron microscope. The tool wear was found to be more rapid at larger radial depth of cuts at all three cutting speeds. It was also found that the main wear mechanisms present were abrasion, adhesion and attrition. 


Jurnal Tribologi 21 (2019) 82-92