TitleSurface texture characterization and chip morphology in ball nose end milling process of Inconel 718 for turbine blades
SourceAsiatrib 2018
AuthorM.S. Kasim, C.H.C. Haron, J.A. Ghani, M. Zaimi, R. Izamshah, T.J.S. Anand, H.A. Bakar, S.B. Mohamed


Surface texture and chip morphology, during end milling of Inconel 718 were investigated. Due to the complexity of the milled surface profile, variation in gap was detected on the spiral profile. The maximum gap was found to be at the centre of the cutter path and attenuated towards the edge of the cutter path, which possessed a lower surface roughness (Ra) value. Studies shows that the frequency of dislodged chips were affected by notch wear. Severe tool damage occurred was noticed when the accumulated chips welded on the cutting edge greater than 5 pieces. 


Asiatrib-2018, pp. 1-2