TitleSurface integrity of FC300 cast iron when machined with TiAlN ball end mill
SourceAsiatrib-2018, pp. 38-39
AuthorA.B. Hadzley, A.A. Anis, T. Norfauzi, A.A. Aziz, R. Izamshah, S. Kasim, M.A. Mohd Amran, M.R. Nurul Fatin


 This paper presents the surface integrity of FC300 gray cast iron when machined with TiAlN Ball end mill. Machining trials were performed using CNC variaxis machine in dry condition at the cutting speeds of 66-99 m/min, feed rate of 5000 mm/min and depth of cut of 0.1 mm. The results shows that the surface roughness decreased as the cutting speed increased from 66 m/min to 88 m/min. Smooth and shiny surface profile appeared at the lower cutting speed of 66 m/min due to effect of lubrication layer that form from the small fragmented graphite flakes. When the cutting speed increased to 99 m/min, surface profile appeared with smeared and large graphite flaking probably due to higher rotational impact from the cutting tool. 


Asiatrib-2018, pp. 38-39