TitleA Taguchi approach on influence of molybdenum disuphide as an antiwear additive on the performance of lithium grease
SourceAsiatrib-2018, pp. 59-60
AuthorP.N. Nagare, H.N. Kudal


 Molybdenum disulphide powder with different particle sizes and percentage volume by proportion are mixed with lithium grease and influence of molybdenum disulfide as an anti-wear additive on the performance of lithium grease was identified as per ASTM D2266 tests on four ball tribotester. Molybdenum disulphide particle sizes and percentage volumes by proportion were considered as performance variables and wear scar diameter as response. Signal to noise ratio analysis was done to identify the levels for optimum wear scar diameter. Analysis of variance was done to identify significant factor which affects wear scar diameter. 


Asiatrib-2018, pp. 59-60