TitleThe effect of molybdenum carbide (Mo2C) particles on wear properties of diamond-like carbon under boundary lubrication
SourceAsiatrib-2018, pp. 348-349
AuthorK.A.M. Kassim, T. Tokoroyama, M. Murashima, N. Umehara


Molybdenum dithiocarbamate (MoDTC) has received notable attention as an antifriction additive in engine oil. However, it has wear accelerating effects on the sliding contact of DLC and steel under boundary lubrication condition. MoDTC is a degradable material and can change its structure into MoS2, MoO3, Mo2C and Mo during friction test. Whether MoDTC itself enhances the wear or its byproducts materials has still been unknown. Therefore, it is important to clarify which elements actually give severe effects on the wear acceleration. This paper focuses on the wear properties of Si-DLC coatings and SUJ2 ball with MoDTC and Mo2C particles as additives in engine oil under boundary lubrication condition. It shows that Mo2C gave severe effect on the wear properties of Si-DLC coatings.


Asiatrib-2018, pp. 348-349