TitleInfluence of area ratio on pressure distribution for dimple structure
SourceAsiatrib-2018, pp. 371-373
AuthorH.A. Rahman, J.A. Ghani, W.M.F.W. Mahmood, M.R.M. Rasani


Dimple structure has been known to act as a lubricant reservoir, generating hydrodynamic pressure and load-carrying capacity to help reducing friction for sliding surface. In this paper, a threedimensional CFD analysis was done on a simplified model resembling a piston skirt surface textured with dimple. The influence of dimple area ratio ( ! ) on pressure distribution in hydrodynamic lubrication was investigated. Largest contribution can be seen for !of 8.1% by which an increase of 102% in load carrying capacity was obtained as compared to untextured surface with 0% area ratio. 


Asiatrib-2018, pp. 371-373