TitleA study of micropolar lubricated conical undulated journal bearings
SourceAsiatrib-2018, pp. 386-388
AuthorArvind Kumar Rajput, Satish C. Sharma, Nathi Ram


The present work examines the effect of circumferential undulations on journal the performance of orifice compensated conical hybrid journal bearing operated with micropolar lubricant. To govern the flow of micropolar lubricant in clearance space of conical journal bearing, the modified Reynolds equation is derived by using Eringen’s theory of micropolar fluids and solved by using FEM. Numerically simulated results indicate that the undulations on journal significantly affect the performance of conical journal bearing operating with either of Newtonian and micropolar lubricant. Further, the use of micropolar lubricant results in better bearing performance than Newtonian lubricant. 


Asiatrib-2018, pp. 386-388