TitleSurface roughness and fluid inertia effects on non-Newtonian THD performances of a journal bearing
SourceMITC2015-pp 44-45
AuthorT. Nagaraju, E. Sujith Prasad


This theoretical work describes the development of mathematical models to include surface roughness and fluid inertia effects in non-Newtonian THD analysis of a journal bearing. The average Reynolds equation, the pressure induced mean velocities and velocity components are modified using Patir and Cheng’s [7] flow factors. The expressions for the fluid-film pressure derivatives for the computation of fluid-film dynamic coefficients are also developed. Finite element method and its numerical algorithm for the simultaneous solution of modified average Reynolds, energy and conduction equations are described. The effects of roughness parameters on static and dynamic characteristics of journal bearing are studied by considering non-Newtonian behavior of lubricant, thermal and fluid inertia effects.


MITC2015-pp 44-45