TitleAn investigation of hard-on-soft contact: For reducing friction in hemispherical cup
SourceMITC2015-pp 92-93
AuthorD.M. Razak, S. Syahrullail, M.A. Nurul, N. Nuraliza, Y. Azli


 Sliding motion for hard on soft (HOS) implant material application causes sliding impact failure. This research was conducted using different cup surfaces. Different amount pits fused on the hemispherical cup have shown the potential for improving the tribology of HoS sliding contact. Fourball machine has been used as screening machine to evaluate the friction. The results showed that modified hemispherical cup with pits and lubricated with palm oil had a significant to reduce frictional rate. This new surface improvement will prolong the life span of soft implant material due to lubrication activities in HoS contact sliding


MITC2015-pp 92-93