TitleEffect of the particle angularity on friction coefficients and grit embedment of brake pad material
SourceMITC2015-pp 96-97
AuthorM.K. Abdul Hamid, A.R. Abu Bakar


Effect of hard particle angularity on frictional coefficients and grit embedment of brake material was investigated. The particles used in this study were silicon carbide, silica sand and garnet with drag and stop mode test. The spike parameter quadratic fit (SPQ) method was applied to characterize the particles angularity. Results showed that particles angularity exhibited a great influence in modifying the effective contact, wear generation and friction coefficient. Good correlation between pad specimen weight loss and grit embedment was found. Signs of formation and disintegration of contact plateaus correlated well with angularity, suggesting the grit embedment role as wearing mechanism. 


MITC2015-pp 96-97