TitleDry sliding wear of in-situ synthesized Al-TiC composites
SourceMITC2015-pp 100-101
AuthorAbhishek Kumar, Rakesh K. Gautam, Rajnesh Tyagi


Al-TiC composites containing three different amounts of TiC have been synthesized through in-melt reaction of titanium and SiC in the aluminum melt through stir casting. The TiC forms from reaction between Ti and carbon which is released by SiC at temperatures greater than 11000C. However, some amount of Al3Ti is also formed. The friction and wear behavior has been examined at different loads of 9.8 N, 19.6 N, 29.4 N, 39.2 N and at a constant sliding speed of the 1 m/s using a pin-on-disc machine. The results indicate friction and wear performance gets improved with increasing amount of TiC. 


MITC2015-pp 100-101