TitleThe characteristics of the fretting wear of Inconel738LC and CM247LC according to the roughness change
SourceMITC2015-pp 104-105
AuthorKyoung-Sup Kum, Young-Ze Lee


Especially, in the gas turbine blades, Inconel 738 LC and CM 247 LC have been mainly used as the substrate of blade’s components. Since the gas turbine blades are rotating to generate the power, this makes the vibration between blades and blade wheel, so called “dovetails”. This induced vibration acts the fretting wear. The damage level of fretting wear is related with the surface shape such as the roughness. Therefore, we can reduce the damage level of fretting wear by control the roughness. In this paper, the fretting test was conducted under the 3 steps-roughness (Ra 2.5um, 0.7um, 0.02um) to verify the characteristics of the fretting wear depending on the roughness changes. The results show that the friction coefficient of fretting was decreasing as the roughness was increasing. Therefore, the main wear mechanism is adhesive wear since the friction coefficient shows higher in smoother surface. The fretting wear of CM247LC is less affected by the roughness change than Inconel738LC. However, the Inconel 738 LC may have better performance than CM247LC in 2.5um of Ra.


MITC2015-pp 104-105