TitleSynthesis and tribological properties of AA5052 base insitu composites
SourceMITC2015-pp 117-119
AuthorGaurav Gautam, Narendra Kumar, Anita Mohan, Sunil Mohan, R.K. Gautam


In this present study, three insitu composites have been produced with different reinforcement of Al3Zr, ZrB2 and Al3Zr+ZrB2 in AA5052 alloy matrix by direct melt reaction (DMR) technique. These composites were characterized by XRD for phases present, for morphology under SEM. Mechanical properties have been evaluated in detail and tribological properties have been studied under dry sliding wear conditions for all composites for different variables such as sliding distance and applied loads. XRD and SEM results show the successful formation of reinforcements. The mechanical and wear test results shows that Al3Zr+ZrB2 reinforced AA5052 composite has the superior mechanical properties and wear resistance among all composites. This composite could be a suitable substitute for existing materials for applications related to automobile, aero-space and marine applications. 


MITC2015-pp 117-119