TitleKinetic and friction analyses of a preloaded double nut ball-screw
SourceMITC2015-pp 131-132
AuthorChin-Chung Wei, Tung-Hao Hsu


High speed transmission table is wildly used in industry and its demand is increased. Preloaded ball-screw device is a major component in a transmission system. In order to bear applied load, preload and inertia force, double-nut ball-screw is necessary. Each nut has two ball cycles, the kinematic behavior and friction of ball and raceway are more complex than double-cycles ball-screw. A new calculating concept is used to simplified complex calculation. Contact and friction were found out at each cycle and they are varied with operating conditions, such as applied axial load and rotational speed. The study is helpful in realizing contact and friction behavior in a preloaded double-nut ball-screw.


MITC2015-pp 131-132