TitleWear mechanism of carbide cutting tools in machining process
SourceMITC2015-pp 133-134
AuthorJaharah A.Ghani, Che Hassan Che Haron, Siti Haryani Tomadi, Mohd Shahir Kasim, Mohd Amri Sulaiman


Carbide cutting tool is widely used in machining process due to its availability. It is also cheaper than the majority of better performance cutting tool such as cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond etc. In addition, the carbide cutting tool has substantial hardness and toughness that is suitable to be applied in intermittent cutting compared to the ceramic cutting tool. This paper presents the case study of wear mechanism experienced on edge of the coated and uncoated carbide tools in machining process (turning and milling). It was observed that the tools failed primarily due to wear on the two main areas of flank and rake faces for machining Inconel 718, and titanium alloy. Therefore it can be concluded that the mode of failure for the carbide cutting tools was similar regardless of the machining operations. The failure is believed to be due to the mechanical properties of the carbide materials such as brittleness rather than the type of machining operations.


MITC2015-pp 133-134