TitleDry sliding wear of recycled carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites
SourceMITC2015-pp 146-147
AuthorQ. Ahsan, M.L. Law, R. Farahiyan, N. Mohamad, H. Effendy, Sivarao


In this paper, the role of as-received (rCF-AR) and cryogenic treated (rCF-T) recycled carbon fiber (rCF) reinforcements were investigated on the tribological behavior of epoxy composites by using a micro pin-on-disc tribotester apparatus under dry sliding condition. The wear behavior of the composites was analyzed based on three different sliding velocities at a constant load and constant sliding distance. The results showed the reinforcement effect of rCF-T as compared to rCF-AR has enhanced the wear resistance of epoxy composite, which are attributed by the improved adhesion between the treated rCFs and epoxy matrix.


MITC2015-pp 146-147