TitleEffect of lubricant and thermal resistance filler on the pressure and speed sensitivity characteristics of non-asbestos low metallic disc brake pad formulation
SourceMITC2015-pp 165-166
AuthorM. Rahul Ragh, R. Vijay, Arvind Venkatramani, D. Lenin Singaravelu


In this work Non Asbestos Low Metallic Disc Brake pads are developed by varying the lubricant namely artificial graphite, thermal resistance filler Mica flakes and designated as LM01, LM02, and LM03. The various characterizations of the developed pads are done based on IS2742 and ISO6312 standards. The thermal stability is found using TGA. The fade and recovery characterizations are done based on JASO-C406 standards in inertia brake dynamometer. It was observed that LM02 proved to be best with good thermal stability leading to low fade and high recovery characteristics. SEM studies helped to study the surface wear morphology. 


MITC2015-pp 165-166