TitleEffects of fuel additive quantity on fuel consumption and CO emissions of a 1.6L gasoline engine fueled with RON97
SourceMITC2015-pp 177-178
AuthorN.R. Abdullah, Muhammad Hanif Mat, Aman Mohd Ihsan Mamat, Idris Saad, Muhammad Faiz Mat


One of the methods to improve the combustion behavior for internal combustion engines is by introducing fuel additives. However, some additives resulted in higher Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) and higher emission of carbon monoxide (CO). The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of fuel additives quantity to the fuel consumption and engine emissions. The tests were carried out at different engine speeds (1500rpm-3000rpm) and constant engine loads of 60Nm by using a 1.6L multi-cylinder four stroke gasoline engine. The additive was blended with gasoline (RON97) in composition of 5, 10 and 15 ml per liter of RON97 accordingly. BSFC and engine emissions were measured using Pro V2 software and MRU AIR gas analyzer respectively. Results showed that gasoline blended with 5ml additive lead to a significant improvement on (BSFC) and lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. However, RON97 blended with 10ml/l and 15ml/l additive showed increasing in BSFC compared with 5 ml of additive. 


MITC2015-pp 177-178