TitleCost evaluation on PVD coating during end milling of Inconel 71 under MQL condition
SourceMITC2015-pp 203-204
AuthorM.S. Kasim, C.H. Che Haron, J.A. Ghani, M.A. Hadi, M.A. Ali, R.Izamshah, M. Minhat, T.J.S. Anand, T. Ito


This paper aims to promote environmentally friendly manufacturing areas without sacrificing productivity, by the application of biodegradable minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) coolant in end-milling Inconel 718. This study is carried out by comparing a machining cost and method of lubrication applied in the end-milling process. Highspeed cutting of Inconel 718 was performed, according to response surface methodology (RSM). Later, the optimum condition of the PVD TiAlN/AlCrN coated carbide tool consumption and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) are evaluated, based on the tool performance; i.e. machining time and material removed. In addition, the number of cutting tool edges is taken into consideration in the machining cost calculation. Machining performance at maximum tool life, minimum surface roughness and force are compared with the optimum condition, and the results show that the application of MQL and using ball-nose end mill under optimum condition is competitive. Since this type of tool has a high index number which reduces the number of cutting tools required drastically. The multiobjective optimization of cutting parameters, with regard to the criteria of the maximum material removed (9.029 cm3 ) and the lowest total cost ($11/100 cm3 ), gives the combination parameter that meets the requirement for green manufacturing; i.e. by reducing the usage of cutting tools and the amount of lubrication consumption. 


MITC2015-pp 203-204