TitleComparative study of conventional blasting in Labuan Shipyard and Engineering (LSE): Reliability of recycled garnet
SourceMITC2015-pp 236-237
AuthorNur Hidayatul Nadhirah Elmi Azham Shah, Ali Saman, Muhammad Hussain Ismail


Abrasive media is a key element in conventional blasting process. Despite the numerous types of abrasive media used in blasting, garnet remains popular in this surface preparation process. Garnet which is a semi-precious stone emits no known health hazard, a type of abrasive media that could be recycled for reuse. This study views the difference between new and recycled garnet and the result indicates that the profile achieve by recycled garnet falls a little short, as the garnet particles became smaller after the blasting process, however, it is still in the acceptable range as stated in the procedure of the construction project.


MITC2015-pp 236-237