TitleA study on powder-pack boronizing of 316 stainless-steel ball bearing
SourceMITC2015-pp 261-262
AuthorN.H. Omar, R. Hasan, N.A.B. Masripan


In this present study, 10 mm diameter of 316 stainless-steel is used in powder-pack boronizing by using solid medium boron, Ekabor 1. The boronizing experiment is carried out in a high temperature furnace at 850, 900 and 950 oC for 2, 4 and 6 hours. Powder condition and powder-pack surrounding are also featured in this study to analyze the effective powder usage of the treatment. Borided layer surface is characterized using XRD analysis and SEM micrographs. The hardness, wear properties and kinetics atoms of diffusion using Arrhenius equation will be determined in this study. Preliminary results showed hardness of boronized sample is higher than the untreated sample. 


MITC2015-pp 261-262