TitleFriction Coefficients of Selected Agricultural Soil and Agro-Products – A Review
SourceMytribos Symposium 2 (2017) pp.19-21
AuthorAhmad Suhaizi Mat Su and Desa Ahmad


Various friction coefficients have been reported on the agricultural materials, to support the agricultural productivity. However, the reliability and productivity of modern agricultural equipment, maintenance cost, energy cost, and the cost of the agricultural production depend on the intensity of the wear of the used components. The article presents a review of tribological properties of the selected environment and food material in agricultural production. Increase in friction of the agricultural materials will increase the tear and wear, energy usage as well as the cost. A simple example of few materials used in agriculture is investigated, focusing on the soil effect, agro-product, and agricultural machinery equipment.  


Mytribos Symposium 2 (2017) pp.19-21