SourceRTC 023
AuthorT. V. V. L. N. Rao, A. M. A. Rani, T. Nagarajan, F. M. Hashim


Design of devices with hydrodynamic lubrication of grooved surfaces with partial slip is possible due to the research efforts in the areas of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The present study examines the effects of slip/no-slip configuration regions on improvement in load capacity and reduction in friction coefficient for journal bearing. The classical Reynolds equation governing the pressure distribution in a hydrodynamic bearing is based on the assumption of no-slip of fluid over the two surfaces with relative sliding motion. In the present work, hydrodynamic grooved journal bearing with partial slip surface is considered and the analysis is carried out using modified classical Reynolds equation considering the partial slip on the bearing surface. The nondimensional pressure and shear stress expressions are derived for the following cases: (i) journal bearing with groove immediately followed by the region of partial slip/no-slip configuration, and (ii) journal bearing with groove immediately followed by the region of partial slip configuration. Reynolds boundary conditions are used in the analysis of grooved convergent one dimensional journal bearing to predict nondimensional load capacity and coefficient of friction. Analysis of grooved concentric journal bearing under steady state is also carried out using partial slip conditions. Partial slip of bearing surfaces has a potential to generate load carrying capacity even for concentric journal bearing. 


RTC 023