TitleAptness of kenaf powder as a friction modifier in the fabrication of brake friction material by powder metallurgy route
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorR. J. Talib , M. A. Selamat, N. A. Nordin, A. Jumahat, H. Sharudin, A. M. Zaharudin


Braking system is one of the important passive safetyfeatures for sustaining the vehicle’s speed while drivingdownhill, to decelerate the motorcycle and completely stop the moving vehicle. Brake friction materials play an important role in resisting the movement of vehicle and composed of four components (binder, reinfored materials, friction modifier materials and filler materials). This work is to investigate the effect of the kenaf powder as a friction modifier on mechanical and tribological properties. Four brake friction material formulations (K, KA, KB and KC) have been prepared through powder metallurgy route. The samples were examined for their porosity, hardness, COF and thicknes loss properties. Sample KA, KB, KC which composed of kenaf powders had a higher COF than sample K, without composed of kenaf powders. Test results show that sample KB which was composed of 10 volume percentage of kenaf powders is the best formulation based on COF and thickness loss results. Thus, it could be concluded that kenaf powders can be used as a friction modifer in brake friction material formulations.