TitleFrictional property of a 3D-capillary-structured surface fabricated by selective laser melting
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorHiroaki Maeda, Hikaru Okubo, Shinya Sasaki


In this study, a self-oil-circulating structure, termed a 3Dcapillary structure, has been proposed to improve the frictional properties of sliding elements. The 3D capillary structure can collect excessive lubricant from a sliding surface and resupply to the interface by capillary action. Selective laser melting was utilized to fabricate the 3D capillary structure because of its complex 3D microstructure. The oil supplying function of the 3D capillary structure was confirmed by performing a reciprocating sliding test with digital camera observation. The frictional property was evaluated using four specimens with different surfaces: (1) non-textured surface, (2) conventional dimpled surface,(3) 3D-capillary-structured surface and (4) surface with 3D capillary structure and conventional dimpled structure. Experiment results showed that the 3D capillary structure exhibited excellent anti-seizure properties. It was also concluded that the specimen with a mixed 3D capillary structure and conventional dimple had the best anti-seizure and low friction properties.


Jurnal Tribologi 20 (2019) 87-96.