TitleA study of anti-seizure tool coatings of ironing of stainless steel
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorM. H. Sulaiman, P. Christiansen, N. Bay


Sheet stamping of stainless steel with coated tools alone may not necessarily impede galling unless hazardous mineral oils are applied. The present study focuses on an investigation of a double-layer tool coating structure applied in a continuous strip reduction test emulating the conditions in production by ironing. The coating films consists of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and Hyperlox®. The results revealed that the DLC/Hyperlox® coating was functioning effectively without peeling off and galling if nonhazardous lubricant was applied. This has improved the tribological system significantly since the coating allowed the hazardous lubricant to be abandoned. Numerical analysis using a thermo-mechanical analysis supports the experimental findings, where the new tribo- system minimizes the temperature at the tool/workpiece interface by reducing the friction.