TitleThe abrasion resistance estimation of the C120 steel by a multi- pass dual-indenter scratch test
SourceJurnal Tribologi
AuthorLucian Capitanu, Liliana-Laura Badita, Virgil Florescu


In this work, a new scratch test method - multi-pass dual- indenter scratch test - is used to estimate the abrasion resistance of C120 steel. This steel is used in the moulds manufacture for injection of plastic materials filled with glass fibres that are very abrasive. Rp3 tools steel, with different work hardening capacity, was used for comparison. The methodology of multi-pass dual- indenter scratch test approaches the real state of abrasion by performing the scratch tests using a high indenter, that generates a stable large pre-scratch with work hardening and a small indenter to assess the wear performance, excluding the geometric effect of the contact. This method is testing the damage formation during the effective scratching process and its interaction with the damage in the deformed surface layer caused by the prior local scratching deformations. In this way, the abrasion resistance of the two hardened steels with different hardness, 59 HRC (C120) and 62 HRC (Rp3) was estimated.